My Testimony


I was born in Seattle, Washington and raised in a very large Catholic family.  I found Jesus Christ as my personal savior in 1971 when I was a junior in high school. and had been lured to a Protestant church that had Christian groups that played music every Friday night. My parents were not pleased with this.  I didn’t care I loved Jesus and that was the most important thing to me.  God was working in my life even then.
 There is a huge difference between religion and a real relationship with Jesus Christ.  I went to college where I met my husband Peter who was also a Catholic.  We were married in the Catholic Church and had 2 children that we also raised in the church and sent to Catholic schools. I was a Eucharistic Minister and a Lector and Are you seeing a pattern here? I was loosing my relationship with Jesus.  I was becoming religious.  My father always told me that it wasn’t skin color that separated people it was culture.  I was raised in a mixed ethnic household.  My mother was Irish and French and my dad was American Indian (Oglala Lakota) and Irish.   My husband is Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Korean. We made beautiful children together and are about to celebrate or 32nd wedding anniversary.  Even though we were different races our religion and basic culture was the same.
The summer of 2008 I flew back to Seattle because my mother was very ill and I knew that it would probably be the last summer I would be able to spend with her. I am so glad that I took the time to stay with her that summer.  She was so delicate and fragile and I knew her days were numbered on this earth. I asked her if she had asked Jesus into her heart and she replied that of course she did she was Catholic.  We spent our days driving to the beach in Ballard and doing all the things she loved.  We spent hours talking and when she began to speak about dying, she was very frightened.  I asked her why.  I asked her to pray with me and she did and we asked Jesus to come into her heart and to forgive her of all her sins and to give her a new life through Christ Jesus.  Because I was an Eucharistic Minister with the church I could give her communion every day.  She took great comfort in that.  To make a long story short, my mother went home to be with the Lord on October 30, 2008.  
I never worried about where she would end up. I would begin to worry however, greatly about my own situation during the next few months.  In February of 2009 I went to my doctor to get a Z pack because I had a bad cold that wouldn’t go away.  My doctor being a friend, ordered an x-ray. There was a 2.5cm mass on the upper right lobe of my lung.  Being an LPN years ago I knew exactly what that meant.  I came home and fell in my husbands arms and sobbed.  I knew that only 15% of lung cancer patients lived.  My outlook was bleak.
 I followed my first instinct which was to fall to my knees. I prayed like I have never prayed before.  I asked Jesus to forgive me for not being a better daughter and putting Him first in all things. I asked Him to come into my heart again and recommitted my life to Him. I was annoited with oil and prayed over.  I couldn’t sleep because I had so much on my mind with the PET scan coming up and knowing I would have to have surgery and later chemo therapy.  I was channel surfing and Oral Roberts was on TV with his son Richard on the Place for Miracles.  I prayed with them that night and believed God for my healing.
The following week I had my PET scan the cancer in my lung lit up like a Christmas tree light.  I knew that I was going to have surgery.  Lucky for me I had friends in the business and I was set up with the very best.  My husband wanted me to go and get second and third opinions.  I said no. The surgery would be the next week.  My poor husband was beside himself and my children tried to keep my spirits high but I could see the fear in their eyes.  My grandson Alaka’i (his name means the one who leads the way) who was only seven at the time told me that God was with me.  He told me that I would be just fine.
The next morning at 5:00a.m.  I prayed with my husband and then my friend Colleen. I also prayed with the Abundant Life Prayer Group from Oral Roberts one more time.  I saw the tears in my husbands eyes as they sent him out of the room so that they could prep me for surgery.  I was on a gurney in the operating room and I heard a voice as plain as day and very audible tell me: “The Breath of Heaven is holding you in His arms”  I looked around the room to see who had said it.  Only my aneisthesiologist was in the room.  He turned and asked me if I were ready.  I smiled and told him to go for it.
The next thing I remember is my surgeon standing over me telling me how lucky I was.  He told me it was like my tumor was encased in glass.  He told me that it didn’t move.  I had two types of cancer in my lung.  Non-small cell and small cell cancer.  Any of you who know anything about cancer know that small cell is a very aggressive cancer.  It can spread like wild fire!  He also told me that he had pulled out all of my lymph nodes in the center of my chest and there was no cancer!  I was praising God!  He hugged me and said: “someone up there loves you” I told him yes his name is Jesus!  He smiled at me and said I know.  He then sent me for a MRI to check for brain cancer and then a bone scan to check for cancer there.  I serve a healing Jesus!  There was no cancer found anywhere!!!  Hallelujah!  I was up the next afternoon walking.  I wanted to go home so badly.  
My doctors and nurses were amazed at how swiftly my body healed.  Oh by the way my doctor told me that he might have to make a 9 or 10 inch incision on my right side to get into my lung. He didn’t my scar is only two and a half inches long!  He was able to use a scope to take out the upper lobe of my lung. Friends that came to visit me told me how great I looked. I went home after four days and I promised the Lord that I would tell every one what happened.  
In June I started 3 months of chemo therapy just as a precaution to make sure that if any particles of cancer had fallen anywhere they would be killed.  Chemo was brutal.  I had cysto platinum chemo which is really strong.  I got so sick but the Holy Spirit would fill me to overflowing when I was there. I have never experienced such joy in my life!  God was showing me that I needed to give thanks in ALL things and I did.  I had the honor to witness to other cancer patients there. You would be surprised how open people are to God when they get cancer.  My hair started falling out in HUGE clumps!  I felt like a monster!  My husband would try to keep my spirits up, but I could tell it was hard on him.  
One night while taking a shower, huge amounts of hair were coming out in the shower.  I started to cry and asked my son to buzz my head.  I must say that was really hard for me. The Lord was showing me what was important in life and believe me it wasn’t my hair.  It was actually freeing for me to have no hair.  My husband gave me a light bulb and told me I could be Uncle Fester from the Addams Family for Halloween!  My head was completely bald.  I lost every single hair on my body.  I didn’t like wigs, so when I would go out I would wear a scarf.  I live in Hawaii so it is just too hot to wear a wig.  Chemo therapy was over at the end of September.  
One night I had to just run to the store for something quick and I forgot my scarf. Oh my gosh I was so afraid to go in the store.  My daughter told me cmon mom who cares what anyone thinks.  I walked in the store, and for the first time in my life, people would look at me and turn away in horror.  My first instinct was to run back to the car.  Instead  I help my head up high and told my daughter Jean. I am the daughter of the Living God. My daughter told me “If anyone makes fun of you, I’ll go after them” I walked in the store shopped for what I needed and a woman looked at me and I said “it is just a touch of cancer.  I am going to be just fine!” and smiled.  She hugged me!
 While Christmas shopping God led me to a woman with a baby boy.  My grandson was talking about soccer and how much he loved it and he looked at the little boy and said “when you get bigger you can play soccer too” The mother told me she had cancer too and that her son was born with a heart valve problem.  His name was Puuwai.  In Hawaiian that means heart.  I asked if I could pray for her and she said yes and we agreed right there in prayer that God would take care of her and her son.  I still pray for them I don’t know what happened to them, but I am believing that God healed them.
That is my testimony.  We all have one.  I will tell you what, the greatest miracle wasn’t the Lord healing me of cancer.  The biggest miracle was that He sent His only son to earth to die for me.  I have new life inside and out because of the Lord Jesus Christ!  I will never be ashamed of Jesus again!  I will share his love with everyone.  Jesus doesn’t want anyone to go to hell.  However, He will not force Himself on you.  You must ask Him to come into your heart.  I promise you this: When you do it will be life changing!
God Bless You All~


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