Monday, October 24, 2016

Your Love Guard Me Through This Night…

Tonight I Pray you never take one day for granted.  That life is so precious and you should never go to sleep without telling the people in your life how much you love them.  I pray that you remember that when God takes something from your hands, He is only opening them up for something better.  I pray that you allow the Lord to fill you with His love, joy and peace in the midst of this very difficult time.  That He will heal your heart and help you to heal your body so that the Temple of the Holy Spirit can have strong and healthy place to dwell in.  I pray that you realize that your weakness is not a deterrent to His Spirit, but it is in these hard times that His Spirit can shine even brighter through you!!!  Never forget that HE is yours for all eternity.  He will never leave you or forsake you. Keep your eyes on Him and seek His face for it is when you speak to Him that He will light up your mind and prepare you for this day, transferring your fear into confident trust in HIM.  In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen and Amen.  I Love You All!!!  God Bless You!!!  ♥♥♥


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