Saturday, July 30, 2016

Your Love Guard Me Through This Night….

Tonight I pray that you rejoice in the midst of your difficulties realizing that Jesus is right there with you never leaving your side!!!  I pray that as you hold tightly to His hand you will realize that He designed you to live in a perfect union with Him.  Your union with Jesus does not take away from who you are; it actually makes you more fully yourself.  I pray that as we move closer to the Rapture of the church, we will look to Jesus for everything in our lives.  He will guide you and enable you to cope with any circumstances and give you HIS strength so that you will make it through any problems through trusting in HIM!!!  I pray that you find fulfillment through living close to Jesus.  That as you follow Him and yield to His guidance you will be transformed into the person that He designed you to become. While you worship Him in all things the warm light of hope will come alive within you!!!   Stand on that hope in Him!!! In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen and Amen!!!  I Love You all!!!  God Bless You!!! ♥♥♥


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