Saturday, August 29, 2015

Your Love Guard Me Through The Night…

I Pray Tonight that you keep your focus on the Lord Jesus.  Some times in these last days it is harder and harder to endure the things of this world.  But you can rejoice in the Lord even though you are going through hard times because He is with you.  He will provide splashes of joy even in the midst of your hardest trials!!!   Cast all of your cares on Him for when you are at your weakest you can rest in the comfort of HIS Presence knowing that nothing is too hard for Him  I pray that you no longer focus on your problems so that you can focus all of your attention on the Lord.  When worry tries to wedge its way into your thoughts, never forget that HE is our good Shepherd and He will care for you and you don’t have to fear anything!!!  I pray that you give every part of your life to the Lord for there is no safer place to be then in His will and way for your life!!!  In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen  and Amen…  I Love You All!!!  God Bless You!!!♥♥♥


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