Monday, December 29, 2014

Your Love Guard Me Through The Night....

TONIGHT I Pray that every satanic giant standing against you to begin to fall after the order of Goliath in the name of Jesus! Every mountain of problem (in whatever area of your life) to be moved and cast into the sea! (Isaiah 50:7) - says the Lord God will help you; therefore you will not be confounded... you will not be ashamed! I pray that every spirit of fear, discouragement, self-pity, depression and defeat be gone in the name of Jesus! I pray that the Spirit of the Lord give you His peace, Love and a calm and well-balanced mind!  Let the Holy Spirit incubate your life with freshness and refreshing power! WALK IN YOUR VICTORY!! In Jesus name I pray, Amen and Amen…  I love you all!!!  God bless you!!♥♥♥


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