Monday, February 24, 2014

Word of the Day... February 24, 2014...

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. Matthew 5:16

I have had so many of you ask me how you can get over your fear of sharing Jesus with people.  The most important thing to remember is that you keep it simple and share what the Lord has done in your own life.

Many of you were raised as a Christian and just don’t believe that you have an exciting enough testimony to move someone.  That simply isn't true.  I believe that every single time someone comes to Jesus Christ it is a miracle.

My grandson is a great example of the simplicity of sharing the love of Jesus Christ.  He is twelve years old and just goes where the Holy Spirit leads him. 

He went to an interview for a school he wants to attend next year and when the teacher asked him what he likes to do in his spare time he told her; “I like to play soccer, football and swim.  But my favorite thing is to spend some time with Jesus every day.  He is my best friend in the whole world.”  She looked at Alaka’i and told him, “I wish I had that kind of relationship with Jesus.”  Alaka’i told her that she could have that kind of relationship with Him and asked her if she would like to pray with him.  He held her hands and prayed with her to ask Jesus to come into her heart and forgive her of her sin and to bless her as she begins her walk with Him. In Jesus name, Amen.  The woman had tears in her eyes as my grandson finished praying with her and she thanked him for taking the time to share Jesus Christ with her.

I don’t know if my grandson will get into that school but I was so happy that he shared the love of Jesus that I no longer cared if he got into the school.  Then yesterday while out with his parents they stopped to get ice cream.  As he was licking his ice cream cone he noticed a woman with a large brace on her leg.  He heard her tell another woman that her leg hurt. As they got up to leave he gave his mother the last of his cone to hold and he went to the woman and asked her if he could pray with her. He put his hand on her shoulder and prayed that Jesus heal her leg and take away her pain. She was so nice and she began to cry.  She told him that she felt blessed.  

As Christians we need to show people that Jesus loves them in how we live our lives and the joy of the Lord that we have.  If we can be sensitive to the Holy Spirit inside of each one of us and follow where He leads us we will be so very blessed and be a blessing to others.

Did the woman with the brace find Jesus as her Savior?  I don’t know but she did see the love of Jesus in action and it touched her heart.  Maybe the Lord was using Alaka’i as one of many to lead her to salvation.  Not only was she blessed but I was blessed when my daughter came home and shared it with me. Each one of us can be used by the Holy Spirit if we are open to Him. God is good all the time!!!  I hope you have a Simply Heavenly day!!!  God bless you!!!


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