Monday, May 6, 2013

Simply Heavenly Bath Melts...

I was looking for something that would be easy to make at home and yet give me an enjoyable experience.  I found it all right here.. 

How to Make Prim Heart Bath Melts

We so wanted to share these lovelies with you, as they are simple to make but better yet, they are truly fabulous to use.  So finally, here they are!

So what is a bath melt?

You simply pop one into  your (running) bath.  The natural Cocoa, Shea and Natural Vegetable oils will melt in the warmth of the water, but as you probably guessed they will not disperse fully.  Instead, the oils will be drawn to your skin providing instant moisturizing without the effort! 

When you finally get out of your bath (take care, it will be slippery and we strongly recommend the use of a bath mat) all you need do is pat your skin dry.  A film of skin loving oils will remain, leaving you with a wonderful pampered feeling.

We're using our Prim Hearts Mold which can also be used for fizzers and soaps, but you can of course use any suitable mould.  Keep the size small, there is no need to have a huge chunk of a melt in your bath.  Novelty ice trays will work as will guest soap moulds.  As this is an oily recipe, it will work well with re purposed yoghurt pots etc too. and should not give you too many de moulding issues whatever the shape.  As with soaps, chilling before de moulding will help tremendously.

What you need to make around 6 melts. (Multiply up if you want to make more)

A mould with a capacity of around 120-130g divided between cavities of around 20-25g (If you don't know the capacity, weigh your mould empty and then again with water in it to calculate the rough capacity)

(both fragrances can of course be substituted for your preference)

Due to the oil rich nature of this recipe, the melts that you make are known as a "leave on" product.  That is, there is an increased element of dermal exposure to the fragrance; the oil and the fragrance within the melts will cling to the skin and not be washed away.  

This is in contrast to a melt and pour soap for example that you rinse away and is termed a "wash off" product.  These two classifications are especially relevant for those making and selling products - the two have different permitted levels of fragrance and allergens in the final product.

Of course at home there are no regulations covering your own creations made for personal use, but the rules exist as a point of safety. For this type of recipe, use no more than 1% fragrance or essential oil in your mix in total. This recipe uses around 129g of ingredients and so using 1ml in total of fragrance will keep you within the recommendations.  Our suggested fragrances Rosemary and Thyme have relatively low levels of allergens in their formulation.  Allergen free fragrances are available here

Rosemary & Thyme make a fabulous fragrance combination that should not be kept for stuffing!  But you may also have other ideas. Don't be shy - you can combine any of our cosmetic grade fragrance concentrates to create your own classy combinations but please don't mix Essential oil and fragrance oil.  How about Vanilla & Cinnamon for a warm spicy autumnal soak? Or English Rose & Patchouli for a sensual soak?

Using a saucepan over a very low heat, melt your Cocoa Butter first.  When half liquid, add your Shea Butter and Oil.  Stir gently until completely liquid but do not overheat.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool for 5 minutes.  Add your fragrance and stir.

Cool for a further 5-15 minutes, observing the mix to ensure it is not setting.

Pour into your moulds.

Allow to cool, refrigerate until cold before popping out of the mould.

For our Prim Heart mould, turn the mould upside down and press firmly but gently in the middle of each cavity.  Your melts should release easily.  If not, they may not be cold enough - pop them back in the fridge.

Wrap & Enjoy!

I added fresh lavender in my moulds and they came out so beautiful!!!



This looks like a great moisturizer. I will try to make this at home.

I think you will like it and you can change the fragrance with different essential oils! Have a Simply Heavenly day!!! :):)

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