Friday, May 24, 2013


I am such a proud Grandma today!!!  My grandson Alaka'i graduated from the fifth grade.

This year Alaka'i had the best teacher ever!  His name is Mr. Sutton and I believe that he changed my grandson's life. The last few years Alaka'i was bored and getting mediocre grades. But this year he had Mr. Sutton.  This is a man who LOVES what he does and it shows in all of his students!  They loved going to his class this year.  In Mr. Suttons class questions were encouraged.  He told his class that there was no such thing as a "stupid" question and he believed the whole class benefited from these questions. Alaka'i especially like the music he played while they worked. I have to say I watched my grandson go from a mediocre student to a straight "A" student who loved going to school!

I had to ask myself why the other teachers he had didn't foster this love for learning.  In the previous two years he seemed to be overloaded with busy work.  He was bored and hated going to school.  I just have to say to the teachers that claimed it was Alaka'i 's fault that they should check themselves and see where the true deficiency is.  How a young man can go from  mediocre grades to straight "A"s speaks volumes to me.

I think that being a teacher is more of a calling than a job.  If you don't absolutely love getting up every morning and going to your classrooms and molding these beautiful young people, then perhaps you should consider employment elsewhere. To be a teacher is an awesome responsibility. If an teacher doesn't love what they are doing they can do great damage to a child's feeling self worth.  Children remember who were their best teachers and who were their worst.  The mediocre ones just fade away.

Alaka'i will never forget Mr. Sutton and the valuable lessons he learned in his classroom.  That if he isn't sure, it is okay to ask a question.  That learning is something we will do all of our lives.  He is looking forward to moving on to middle school.  Great Job Alaka'i we are all so very proud of you!!!


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