Thursday, April 18, 2013

Have You Denied Yourself? Enter The Contest To Receive Her Video...

I was asked to review the second film in the True Beauty series by Lisa Chan.  I feel so blessed to be able to participate in this and I must say that the last film “Be Still” was life changing for my walk with Jesus Christ. It helped me to slow down and really spend quality time with Jesus and listen for His voice. To Be Still and know that He is God and give Him my best and not my leftovers.

In Deny Yourself It gives us tools for how to stop living for our “self” in a world  where everything is about self and self has become the new idol. To pick up our cross and follow Jesus Christ.  We are told that if we do not “Deny our self” We cannot be His disciple.  It made me ask myself, is Jesus truly my Lord and Savior?  Have I denied myself?  Am I following Jesus?  Have I truly come under His authority? I have to say honestly that I am a work in progress.

It took me back to when I had lung cancer when in my life “self” took a back seat to am I ready to meet my Lord and Savior?  When I was diagnosed and had to face the fact that I had a killer growing in my lung and either the Lord was going to bring me through it or He would take me home.  I think it was the first time I really had to take a hard look at my life as a Christian and my walk with Jesus Christ.  Was I living for Him or me? 

As I went through the consultation with my doctors about the surgery for my cancer I almost felt at peace. To make a very long and complicated story short, the Lord answered every single one of my prayers for my surgery. I still have all of my muscles intact, the surgeon told me that my ribs opened right up for him and my tumor didn't move or spread.  When I opened my eyes after the eight hour surgery he was so excited telling me that someone up there loved me.  I just smiled and told him it was Jesus.  He told me you don’t understand you have small cell lung cancer.  It should have spread.  He told me that he pulled out the lymph nodes in my chest no cancer.  They had me go through an MRI to check and see if the cancer had spread to my brain, no cancer.  They gave me a bone scan and no cancer.

Alone in my room after everyone had gone I thanked the Lord for the miracle He had given to me and offered my life to Him.  Whatever He asked of me I would do.  As I began the rigors of chemo therapy the Lord had so much more to teach me and get me ready for what He had in store for me.  I found that cancer is such a great tool for sharing Jesus Christ.  People who are facing death are very open to hearing the good news of Jesus Christ.
Going through Chemo therapy was sheer hell.  I had rigorous chemo because the type of cancer I had was very aggressive and known to come back. I spent the whole summer in chemo and as I could feel the poison burning in my veins, the Holy Spirit was right there with me filling me with so much joy that I wept.  He was letting me know that He was right there with me in the midst of hell and I was filled with His joy!!!  It was one of the most incredible things that I have ever experienced in my life!  I believe that the Lord was teaching me that as I let go of “self” I would get more of Him.
As the next few weeks went by, I noticed that when I showered huge clumps of my hair were coming out.  I had these big bald spots all over my head.  I looked like a monster!  I can remember sitting in the tub and crying.  This was the last vestige of self that the Lord was going to help me to be rid of.  My son heard my cries and got his buzzer and helped me to dry my hair and then he buzzed my head.  I had a bald head now and I didn't know what to think.  My husband had bought me wigs, but I live in Hawaii where it is very warm and it just didn't work for me.  So when I went out I wore little scarfs on my head.  One night I had to run to the grocery store and I forgot my scarf because I didn't wear it at home and I will never forget the look of horror that I got from the people shopping that evening.

The strangest thing happened when I saw their looks.  I felt free!!!  I just smiled and said: “It’s just a little bit of lung cancer, but nothing my Lord can’t handle!”   Then I went about shopping for what I needed and went home.  The Holy Spirit was blessing me and I wanted to share that love with everyone!!!  He was teaching me that no matter what happens, He meets us right there in the midst of our suffering and turns it to joy if we allow Him to. 

I started a blog about Simply Heavenly Food so that I could share good food for the body and the soul and my walk with Jesus and how He had changed my life forever.  My daughter showed me a page she had on a website called Tumblr and she shared that there were so many young people there who needed someone to talk to.  I had a really good response to my blog so I prayed and asked the Lord what He would have me do. 

 He wanted me to be a Grandma to those young people who needed to talk and share their feelings in a safe environment.  I started by putting up pictures with scriptures and the questions came.  The Lord spoke to my heart and told me that these were His children and He wanted me to love on them.  To share His love and grace and the free gift of salvation.  What started out as a few hours a day has become a full time labor of love for me.  I believe that I have found my identity in Christ Jesus!  I have to tell you that I have never been so blessed!  I truly believe that as we let go of self and be still and listen to what the Lord is saying and then are obedient to His wishes we are blessed beyond belief.

I actually look at lung cancer as one of the greatest blessings of my life.  I don’t think that the Lord would have ever moved so mightily in my life if I wasn’t put in the position to really deny myself and depend fully on Him for my very life.  I believe that every Christian has a mission should they decide to accept it.  When they do make the decision to deny themselves and pick up their cross and follow Jesus they are blessed beyond belief. Remember the Lord never sends us out to do something for Him without equipping us with everything we need to complete His mission.  When we realize that He is large and in charge we find our true beauty through Jesus Christ.

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Thank you for sharing your heart!

I also struggle with denying myself- I give in way too easy and way too often.

You are so welcome!!! It can be really hard to do, but when you give in to Jesus the blessing far outweighs what you have to give up!!! God bless you!!! :):)

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