Monday, March 18, 2013

Word of the Day.... March 18, 2013

Because Your lovingkindness
is better than life,
my lips will praise You.
Psalm 63:3

Lately the Lord has been teaching me how to rest in Him and how to praise Him in all situations. To stay deeply in love with Him through praise and worship.  I think it is a vitally important  part of our worship that many people sometimes neglect.  In any intimate relationship we need to spend time with the one we love.  If we don’t, we will drift apart until we feel like we no longer even know each.  Let alone be madly deeply in love.

So how do we stay in love with Jesus?  We get to know Him through spending time with Him every day in His Word and by praise and prayer.  The first thing I like to do each morning is to tell the Lord that I love Him with all of my heart.  Most of us have been in love with someone during our lifetime.  Try and remember what it was that made your heart beat faster.  I can remember my husband praising my beauty.  He would tell me that he loved my eyes and that I smelled really good. That I was a great cook and a wonderful mother. Those are little things I know but, when the man that you love tells you those things it just makes your heart soar!  I would just feel so precious and loved.  When he would praise me I would do anything to make him happy. Praise came naturally to us because we wanted to make each other happy. It was a genuine, stimulating part of  our romance. 

That is how we need to treat the Lord Jesus.  We praise Him through expressing words that would honor Him for His character, His name and His great power. The list just goes on and on there are so many things we can praise Him for.   I think that the Lord appreciates it when we in our human way take the time to praise Him.  To adore Him and to love Him.  I think it is a very important  part of our prayer life.  Adoration that is directed directly to  the Lord God.  I think as we step out in faith and just praise Him, it will begin to flow from us.  The more we praise Him the closer we will get to Him and I believe the Lord will bless us for it.

So before you go out into the world where sometimes you are not treated as someone who is treasured, loved and precious,  spend a little bit of time in the morning talking to our Father.  Hold tightly to His hand all through the day.  Whisper His name at different times in your day.  Simply whisper, Jesus I love you…  I think when you make a habit of this, you will find that each day will be Simply Heavenly!!!  God bless you!!!


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