Saturday, December 8, 2012

Word of the Day... December 8, 2012

5 For though I am far away from you, my heart is with you. And I rejoice that you are living as you should and that your faith in Christ is strong. Colossians 2:5

The nature of the beast within all of us resists change.  Even though we admit that change may be exactly when it comes to making the change it can be really hard.  Even though the things that we have come through in our past were hard, many times we choose to return to the way things were in our past then to face the uncertainty of our future.  Sometimes we find security in what we had in yesterday, rather than to walk into the uncertainty of our future. 

We don’t realize as Christians though when we are walking into the uncertainty of our future we are not alone.  We walk with Jesus!!!  It is when we are walking in faith that the Lord will strengthen us.  That is what faith is.  To walk into the uncertainty trusting that the Lord will take our hand and lead us back into the light and all it takes is that simple act of obedience.  If we knew what was in our future it would not take faith at all and without faith there can be no growth.

It is the unknown that gives us pause, but it is through the walking into the unknown that The Lord begins His work and that is what makes it so magnificent!  The very best part of it all is that He offers it to us freely.  All we have to do is to obey Him and take that walk of faith.  Growth is never easy, but when we actually do grow and look back, we kind of sigh and say thank goodness I am no longer that person.  God is always large and in charge and the very best part of all is that He loves us!!!  Have a very nice Saturday.  Enjoy family today!!!  God bless you!!!


You can feel God in the unknown too...always. I mean, you never feel alone, and I love that.

Happy Sunday!

Me too Rosey!!! He is alway right there with us. Good word. I hope the Lord richly blesses you and your family!!! :):)

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