Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayers for the families of Connecticut shooting...

Our dear Heavenly Father we lift up all of the families who lost their precious little children and other family members in the shooting at the elementary school today. Our hearts are broken for the children and adults who were killed this morning in the Connecticut shooting. Our heart aches for those parents, teachers, children and families. They said on the news that this is the worst school shooting in American history. Lord we know You were present with each and every one of them as their lives were savagely taken too soon. Lord we pray for the kids who were there today who saw the shooting, had friends killed, heard the gun shots. God please hold their hearts. Please comfort them. Lord, I pray for the teachers and adults please show them Your love. That You’re in their midst, You are a Refuge and in Your presence there is no fear. Lord may You be glorified in this situation. Please bring people to You,  restore, comfort, save, hold, uplift, and be ever present now. We ask that you comfort the members of the families that are left behind to mourn their loss.  Let your words “I am with you” comfort each family member and keep them from falling into the depths of despair over this unimaginable loss. Having the comfort of knowing that someday very soon they will see their loved ones again.  Lord we pray that the police are given Your wisdom as they handle this terrible tragedy so that justice will be served swiftly. In Jesus name we pray, Amen and Amen.  God bless you all.


Someone shared this prayer on another blog (linking back to you) and I wanted to let you know I prayed it. Thank you for posting it.

Ahh Rosey you are so welcome!!! What a sad thing when the lives of so many innocents are taken needlessly like they were there. It seems that all we can do is pray. God bless you!!! :):)

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