Friday, December 28, 2012

All Clad 7 Quart Deluxe Slow Cooker...

I got this slow cooker for a birthday gift last year and I have to say I love it!!!
Here is the product information:

All-Clad's top-of-the-line cooker features a nonstick cast-aluminum insert that you can use on the stovetop to brown ingredients before transferring it to the base for slow cooking.
·        Push-button controls and easy-to-read digital display eliminate guesswork.
·        7-qt. nonstick aluminum insert goes from stovetop to slow cooker to table.
·        Use insert on its own to cook and serve a variety of one-pot dishes.
·        Insert is ideal for use with gas and electric cooktops, but is not induction compatible. 
·        Automatically keeps foods warm until serving time.
·        Stainless-steel lid.
·        Riveted stainless-steel handles; insert has integrated handles.
·        Stainless-steel finish.

 I would not have purchased this for myself because of the price tag of $249.95, but after using it, I don’t know how I ever used another slow cooker.  I love the fact that it is truly one pot cooking. The non-stick cast aluminum insert can go right on the stove to brown meats and the best part is the same pan goes right back in the slow cooker so you have all of the flavor and no other dishes to wash.  You lose absolutely nothing.

It also cleans up nicely.  The insert pan is non-stick so it washes up beautifully.  It is dishwasher safe, but it is so easy to clean that I don’t even bother.  I cook in this slow cooker a few times a week.  I made braised short ribs that were fall off the bone tender and had melt in your mouth flavor!!!  I had no leftovers and my husband and son were fighting over the last short rib!!

If you want a really great slow cooker designed with a very busy woman in mind, run don’t walk to Williams Sonoma and pick this one up.  It doesn’t get better then All Clad.  I was so happy they got this for me.  Best birthday gift ever!!!  Have fun discovering the Simply Heavenly dishes you can create with this slow cooker!!


hi i'm richelle! nice to meet ! i just joined the link up. this was my first year cooking with a slow cooker, i'm loving it for making home made soups!

This is gorgeous! I want one :)

Newest follower via Aloha Friday. Thanks for hosting!

Hi Richelle!!! It is excellent for homemade soups I made an split pea and ham and a Portuguese Bean soup, chili, stew and Beef and vegetable soup. I followed you back. Have a simply Heavenly New Year!!! :):)

Hi Melissa!! It is the easiest crock pot I have ever used!!! My favorite part is it is really one pot. I love it!!! I also followed you back on your blog. Have a Simply Heavenly New Year!!!:):)

That slow cooker is BEAUTIFUL. I NEED one! Wanted you to know that after reading your testimony I prayed for you this morning... feel the love and prayers from California! New follower from Aloha Blog Hop... blessings to you, my friend! jules

Hi! I am a Food Blogger Junkie! So happy to have found your blog on the Aloha hop! Would love a visit from you over at Moms Surviving Kids!
Megan @

Hi Megan! I have been to your site and followed you. I hope that you have a Simply Heavenly weekend!!! :):)

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