Friday, October 5, 2012

Word of the Day.... October 5, 2012

I am Creator of heaven and earth: Lord of all that is and all that will ever be. Although I am unimaginably vast, I choose to dwell within you, permeating you with My Presence. Only in the spirit realm could Someone so infinitely great live within someone so very small. Be awed by the Power and the Glory of My Spirit within you!

Though the Holy Spirit is infinite, He designs to be your Helper. He is always ready to offer assistance; all you need to do is ask. When the path before you looks easy and straightforward, you may be tempted to go it alone instead of relying on Me. This is when you are in the greatest danger of stumbling. Ask My Spirit to help you as you go each step of the way. Never neglect this glorious Source of strength within you.

John 14:16-17; John 16:7; Zechariah 4:6      Jesus Calling

Jesus didn’t leave us as orphans.  He left us The Holy Spirit!!!  The power of the Holy Spirit is awesome to behold and if we allow Him to take over our hearts and minds our walk with Jesus Christi will be like nothing we have ever experienced!!!  Trust the Holy Spirit to move like a mighty Wind through you. Talk to Him and allow Him to reveal the Word to you.  That is why He is called the Helper.  Trust Him to help you through every part of your life.  God bless you and have a great weekend!!!


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