Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Word of the Day... October 10, 2012

Pride goes before destruction, and
a haughty spirit before stumbling.
Proverbs 16:18

Have you ever considered what drives us and pushes us to prove to everyone that we are worthy?...Yup you guessed it…  PRIDE.   One little word that can do so much damage.  I can do it all by myself….  God helps them that help themselves… Just Do It!!!...  By my own strength, power and ingenuity… We all work in the world with these goals in mind.  Believing that as we strive we shall receive.  Not because our Lord is able to meet all of our needs but that we can do it ourselves.  When we believe the nonsense that the world pours out to us daily that pulls us further and further away from our Lord. These are blatant lies that the world wraps up in their pretty little packages and spoon feeds us through the media daily. These are the things that will lead us to believe that we don’t need the Lord’s righteousness and that we can find true joy in our own achievements.  That these things will bring us the ultimate satisfaction. These are lies from the pit of hell.

These are dead end roads that will lead us away from the grace of God and living in His fullness.  As a Christian I have to remind myself every single day that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  That it is not of myself but through the Lord Jesus Christ.  I have made the choice to turn the television off.  To just do it!!!  Instead of allowing the world to pour its garbage into my mind, I will spend the time in the Word of God releasing all of my worries to the Lord Jesus.  I just love sitting quietly in His Presence and allowing His light to soak into me and drive out the darkness lodged inside of me.  To rejoice in the day that the Lord has made and to allow Him to free me from all of the fear that is hiding inside of me. To learn to thank Him in all circumstances.  To learn to rest in His Sovereignty and to leave everything in His capable hands.  Thank you Jesus!!!  Have a blessed day!!! 


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