Saturday, September 1, 2012

Giveaway time!!! Win a free copy of Lisa and Francis Chan's video Be Still!!

The Lord has been speaking to my heart lately about making real time for HIM in my life.  In the hustle and bustle of our everyday living, it is so easy to just get so busy with our every day lives that Jesus gets put on the side.  For the last several months I had been reading the Scripture online but the Lord was speaking to my heart and telling me He wanted more quality time with me.  Over the last month I have set aside the first hour of my day for Jesus.  It is a wonderful time for me to spend in the Word with Jesus without interruption or distraction.  No TV, cell phone, computer, husband, or children or grandchildren. I start with prayer, thanking Him for every part of my life.  I ask Him to help me to close out everything but Him.  I read the scripture and ask Him to reveal Himself to me through it and then I just close my eyes and be still.  As I wait upon the Lord.  It sounds easy, but it really hard sometimes. As I sit and reflect on the scripture the Lord speaks to my heart and leads me in the direction that He would have for me this day.  He fills me with His Spirit and I truly feel like I can start my day with Him steering my life according to His Word, Will and Way.

Last month Francis and Lisa Chan sent me a wonderful video to preview called True Beauty Be Still... finding our identity in Jesus.  In the video Lisa speaks of her journey with the Lord. I am so honored to have the opportunity to preview this video and host a giveaway to one lucky winner (more info on the giveaway below).

Here is the official Press Release for the film with more info:
Be Still
New film helps women who are caught up in the busyness of life

Grand Rapids, Mich., June 25, 2012—Every woman knows the feeling. Regardless of her age, her income, or her family situation, women today are facing the challenges of a busy life and the stress that comes with it. Obligations to children, husband, job, church, friends, committees, and the pressures of everyday life have created a spiritual crisis for women. Because in their efforts to be everything to everyone, women have forgotten the ONE who really should be their everything.

Lisa Chan believes that in our quest to do it all, women are missing God. In the first film of her new series, True Beauty: Finding Your Identity in Jesus (David C Cook/Flannel, September 2012), Chan focuses on what it means to Be Still.  Be Still addresses the issues that confront women when they forget to spend time with Jesus—something that, like most women, Chan struggled with herself.

As a mother of five children, co-founder of Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, California, and wife of best-selling author and pastor Francis Chan, Lisa knows firsthand what it means to be overwhelmed, overcommitted, and out of time.  It was an unplanned, extended time alone with God that fueled her desire to encourage every woman to see the beauty of coming before the Lord in stillness. She has seen firsthand that women in the church are suffering from depression, anxiety, and stress at alarming rates—and recognizes that women need to make the choice to find hope and healing and truth from God's presence and through His Word.

Be Still, which weaves Lisa’s teaching with the story of Susan, an amazing woman who found that being still with God was what she needed in order to overcome her struggle with a broken marriage, is intended to challenge women who are struggling and help them to find power and strength in just being quiet and listening. With this film, Chan comes alongside women in their walk with the Lord to give them the tools they need to be the person God intends them to be. True Beauty: Be Still is foundational and can be life-changing as women are convicted to take stock of their own reasons for not spending time with Jesus.

Be Still is a personal glimpse into Lisa’s own life, one that any woman will be able to relate to. It is the fact that she is coming from such an identifiable place, provides practical advice, and shares her own challenges with being still that makes this film such a valuable means of communicating to all women.

Lisa Chan is a mother of five and co-founder (with her husband, Francis) of Cornerstone Community Church in Simi Valley, California. An accomplished singer, Lisa has recorded three albums, including Endless Beauty. Lisa lives with her family in San Francisco where they are doing inner-city ministry as a family.
Founded in 1875, David C Cook is a leading nonprofit discipleship resource provider based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. For more than 130 years, David C Cook has served the Global Church with life transforming materials from best-selling books and curriculum, to toys and games and small group resources. With additional offices in Elgin, Illinois, as well as Paris, Ontario, Canada and Eastbourne, UK, David C Cook is a global organization whose resources are published in more than 150 languages, distributed in more than 80 countries, and sold worldwide through retail stores, catalogs, and online. Through David C Cook’s music division, Kingsway, over 30% of the top 500 praise and worship songs written by Kingsway artists are sung in churches around the world. For more information visit David C Cook on the Internet at

Flannel is a non-profit ministry that serves as a catalyst for highly creative people to communicate the way of Jesus to the world. Flannel’s primary products are short, creative films designed to start discussions on relevant issues and to deeply resonate on what matters most today. Headquartered in Western Michigan, Flannel’s products are currently sold in over 45 countries.

Be Still
Film One in the True Beauty film series
Lisa Chan
Approx. 20 minutes
Release: September 2012

 Here is a link to her new film:


One lucky winner will receive a copy of this video! To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me how Jesus has changed your life and/or how you spend your time in His Word, Will and Way!!  I really would love to hear how God has changed your lives. Even if you want to share your testimony with me or how God has changed your life, I'd love to hear it!  It doesn't have to be a long or short comment, just write what's in your heart.

This is a free contest. If you read this on Tumblr, you can leave me a comment on the Tumblr post if that would be easier for you as well.

This contest ends on September 21, 2012.

I pray that you all have a wonderful and blessed weekend and remember to take time out of your day, even if it's just 15 minutes, to spend with the Lord in His Word.  God bless you all!! :):):)


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