Sunday, June 17, 2012

What Makes A Great Father....

For all things you've lead me through and taught me 

And for promising me that you will never leave me 

Through and through you've shown me the ropes 

Helping me in anything and everything I face 

Everyday you're there for me by simply calling your name 

Rarely do I get to thank you enough. So on this special day, I do exactly that.

What a great day Father’s Day is.  It is a day when we remember all that our Father has done for us to help shape and make us the person we are today.  What is a Father?  He is someone who has been there from the very beginning.  He teaches us how to take our first steps and catches us when we fall.  He is the guy that isn’t ashamed to go into a store and buy a doll for his special little girl even though he knows he may be the brunt of jokes in the office. It will all be worth it when he sees the smile on his little girl’s face that lights up his whole world. He is the one who eyes shine with pride at our accomplishments and the one who wipes away our tears when we fail.  He lets us know that it is okay to make a mistake, because that is how we learn and grow.  A Father is someone who is with us in good times and bad. He cares for us and works hard to meet all of our needs. He seems larger than life to us when we are young.  We believe that he can do anything as he swoops us up in his arms so high that we almost touch the ceiling.  A Father is someone who always makes you feel very special and happy that you belong to him.

My Father died when I was nineteen and so I relied on the Lord to be my Father.  Looking back on my life now, I can see that He has always been there for me through everything and has never let me down. He is everything my earthly father was but much more.  He will never leave me.  He tells me every single day that He loves me and He guides me gently as He installs His wisdom in me.  He picks me up when I stumble along this road of life and forgives me when I do things that aren’t pleasing to Him.  When cancer plagued my body, He healed me, with just a touch so that I would have no doubt that He loved me and would always be there for me.  I love You my Father.  For Your love, Your forgiveness, Your patience, Your gentleness, Your strength when I am weak, and your healing touch.  But most of all Father I thank You for sending Jesus to die on the cross for every one of us.  I feel so very blessed and thankful to You for being my Father.  For never forgetting the details that end up making everything wonderful and perfect.   That is why I love calling You Abba Father.


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