Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome To Wordless Wednesday!!! The Hike up Makapuu!!!

I Had to put up some pictures of my oh so beautiful grandchildren!!!

Alaka'i is so excited to begin the hike on Makapuu!  
Sitting at the top of Makapuu!!!  So beautiful!!!

 You Only Live Once!!!!

My daughter in law Kellie and my two beautiful granddaughters.
Alohilani and Kaliko 

My handsome first born grandson Alaka'i  and my granddaughter Kaliko.
Alaka'i means the one who leads the way and Kaliko means the bud.
They are my loves!!!

This is my precious baby grand daughter and her name is Alohilani.  Her name means the brightness of heaven.She is enjoying her fried chicken after the long walk up the mountain!!!

I can't believe he has gotten so big!

Yay I am on top of the world!!!

Lift up your hands to Jesus!!!

Back at home riding his bike.


They had a blast. Glad you liked the pictures

Cool! :)

- Brittany A, Houston, TX

Thank you they are the loves of my life!!! We couldn't live in a more beautiful place than Hawaii!!! God bless you!!!

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