Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Light Behind That Rainbow...

"The LORD hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad." Psalm 126:3

Some Christians are sadly look on the dark side of everything, and tend to dwell more upon what they have gone through than upon what God has done for them. If you ask them about their daily walk with Jesus, they will tell you about all of the hardship, suffering and how the devil is constantly after them.  It always seems more dark then light. 

I have to ask myself what about all of the good things our Father does for us on a daily basis? Where is the praise for His great love, mercy and guidance? But a Christian who is strong in their walk, who spends time in the Word and prayer counts it all joy.  Knowing the dark clouds will soon pass.  It is when we are under those dark clouds that the Lord is at work within each of us, molding us into the person He wants us to be. “I will not make it all about me, but I will honor my Lord God.  He will lift me out of the dark pit of despair and will put a new song on my lips.  I will sing out praises to my Lord for He has done such great things for me.  He has made me glad. It is true that we endure trials, but it is just as true that He will deliver us out of those trials. Jesus is like the light that shines through the rainbow during the storm.  He is letting us know it will soon be over and the Son will shine again. 

It is true that we have our sin and corruptions, and we mourn those sins because it is that sin that  keeps us away from the Lord.  But it is also true that we have an all sufficient Savior, who overcomes these sins and corruptions, and delivers us from their dominion. When we are looking back at our hard times of trial, sin and humiliation, we always need to keep in the center of our hearts and minds that Jesus has brought us through these times safely and profitably. The deeper our troubles are, the louder our thanks to God should be. For He has taken each one us by the hand and led us through that very dark night into the beauty and the light of morning.  Our trials should never mar the melody of our praises to Him as we sing out our life’s song.  For “He hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad.” 


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