Saturday, April 10, 2010

Making A Difference...We all can do it...

This week has been an emotionally draining week for me.  First I had to wait for the results of my CAT scan.  This is something I have to do every 3 months to make sure that my lung cancer has not returned.  I know this is a faith builder between God and I.  He has healed me, but for some reason I panic every time I get one of these scans.  Maybe it is just the devil trying to devour any hope that I may have for my full healing.  I guess I need to sow more seed.  The bible says that if I sow seed he will pour me out a blessing so big that I will not have room for it and he will rebuke the devourer.  I just love God.

He is so simple in his instruction to us.  He tell us what he wants us to do and when we do it he richly blesses us.  I think where we all get tripped up is the listening part.  We tend to get so busy in our own life that it makes it hard to hear God.  So we just need to stop, go somewhere quiet and meditate on God either through his word or prayer.  I find I can't make it through my day without reading the bible.  It truly sets my whole day up for me.  I don't feel like I am running on empty after I spend time in God's word.  It is kinda like leaving the house without eating any breakfast and working hard and pretty soon you find that you can't seem to focus on anything, you feel tired.  But as soon as you have a bite to eat you have your focus back and you are ready to go again!

The second hard thing I went through this week was staying Aloha to my nephew Alohakamakani.  He was only 23.  He was driving down the hill to the beach and suffered a heart attack.  His truck rammed into a telephone pole and he died.  He was a soft spoken gentle giant.  His name meant winds of love.  When you were at a family party you wouldn't notice Kamakani until he came to hug you.  He was quiet and shy and sweet.  Oh how he will be missed!  We all know that he went to heaven but it doesn't stop this pain.  Maybe it was because he was so young and didn't get the chance to do all of the things we consider living.  You know like having babies, getting married all the regular stuff. What we consider living.

Maybe God had a bigger plan for this sweet boy.  Maybe God is using his passing to make all of us examine our own lives and priorities.  Maybe God is showing us that we could all go in a moment in a twinkling of an eye.  That life is precious and that we should never let the sun go down without telling our family members how very much we love them. Or take the life that God has given us for granted.  Make it count!  Look at how you are living and make it count.  It cost nothing to say a kind word, give someone a hug, or help someone complete a task.  I think it is in all of us to be loving and kind.

Friday night has always been our "date" night.  Every Friday my husband and I go out for dinner and maybe a movie.  Or maybe get together with friends to sing karaoke.  Just something that we do together as a couple.  We had a nice dinner at Tropics.  We shared the tofu and watercress salad, some really good island poke and then we had the steak and mushrooms.  They also had a woman singing soft jazz which was wonderful!  Her name was Candy Diaz and she was great!  She knew just how loud to sing so that you could still carry on a conversation and enjoy your meal at the same time.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!

Then we went to the movies and saw Letters To God.  I loved this film!  It hit home with me because I had cancer and I know the challenges that this disease presents.  It is about a young boy named Tyler who has cancer and writes letters to God every day.  The letters that he writes to God end up changing the whole community.  I am not going to tell you anymore because I don't want to ruin the film for you.  The one thing that struck me was when an older neighbor man told Tyler that he was God's Warrior.  That struck me.  I think there are many of us warriors out there who have had to go through a terrible disease like cancer and are still standing.  Still thankful to God to be alive and still praising his name!  We all can make a difference!  You just have to recognize what you are going to stand for.  Then take that stand and make a difference.


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