Thursday, April 29, 2010

~ Hawaiian Style Beef Stew and Rice With Taro Bread ~

Today was a very long day at work.  I guess I should be happy that God has blessed me with a job, when there are so many people that are out of work.  I was hoping to get out side today to either swim or to walk.

Instead I worked out with my son for an hour on my total gym.  My son Peter is the best trainer I have ever had.  He really knows how to work all of the muscle groups properly and is careful to make sure that I don't get hurt.  That is until the next day when I try to get out of bed.  I am never going to let this weight ever come back on body again once I get it off.  It is just way too hard to take the weight off after 50.

Today for dinner I am making beef stew, hapa rice and taro bread.  The beef stew I make from scratch using a cross rib roast for the stew meat.  I like to use the roast because I can hand trim it just the way I like it.  I put a little olive oil in the bottom of the pot and throw the meat in to brown.  I do not coat the meat with any flour that is just added calories that you don't need and the stew tastes just as good without it. After the meat is browned I add 3 cloves of garlic chopped and 2 onions cut in 1 inch pieces and toss them with the beef.  Wash and peel 6 medium carrots and chop them in 1 inch pieces. Wash 4 stalks of celery and chop into 1 inch pieces.  Add both the carrots and celery to the pot and toss with the beef and onions.  Wash, peel and chop 6 medium potatoes into 2 inch pieces and add them to the pot  Chop all of the vegetables the same size so that they all cook in the same amount of time except for the potatoes you want them a little bigger.   When the vegetables have had a chance to sweat and give off their flavor add 3 cans of Italian diced tomatoes. Add 1 bottle of beef stock.  It cost a little more but it is much richer than stock and adds more flavor to the dish.  Then add a couple of bay leaves and cover.  Let the stew simmer stirring every 15 minutes or so.  I start the stew early around noon and just let it slowly simmer all day long.  The flavor here is really incredible.

About a half hour before dinner I steam the rice, and take out some unsalted butter to go on the taro bread.  The taro bread I purchase from Ani's it is soft and delicious!  The only thing left to do is sit at our table, give thanks to the Lord for all of our blessings and have some wonderful family time!  Dig in everybody so yummy!!!  I am telling you this is a winner!  If you have a crock pot you can start it in the morning before you leave for work and by the time you come home you have the most delectable supper ever!  I partner it with a nice Cabernet Sauvignon.  Tonight we are going to enjoy Santa Rita Reserve 2007.  It is a nice wine from Chile.  It is from the famous Maipo Valley, one of the finest wine producing regions in the world.  It is a well structured fruity and youthful style with notes of plum, cloves, and vanilla.  It is aged up to 8 months in American oak barrels.  All I can say is this is one I always keep on hand.  I have never had anyone not just love it! Enjoy all!


Why is the bread purple? maybe Ill make some stew tonight, sounds good.

In answer to your question the bread is purple because one of the main ingredients is taro. Taro or kalo as the Hawaiians call it, is a root used in the making of poi. Poi is a staple in the Hawaiian diet. It looks much like a sweet potato and is also a starch. You can use it in poi, pancakes, kulolo and bread.

Is it as sweet as regular sweet bread? How do you thicken up your stew? I have the hardest time making my stew thick enough without having chunks of flour in it.

This looks so delicious! I want to jump thru the screen to eat it up. I want to make a nice stew now, it's such a nice change from the monotony of soups that I've been having as it's still cold here in Canada.

I thicken my soups and stew with wondra. It comes in a can and you can find it in the flour area of the supermarket. I LOVE IT!!! You just sprinkle it in the hot stew and stir with a whisk and it thickens it beautifully without any lumps. Yes the taro bread is just as sweet as sweet bread.

Can I use normal bread instead of taro bread? Does it make any difference in taste?

Yes you can use any kind of really good rolls that you like. I happen to love the taste and texture of the Taro Rolls. It is a little sweeter. Yummy!!! :)

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