Saturday, April 3, 2010

Coloring Easter Eggs With My Grandchildren

Today is Saturday April 3, 2010. I started off my morning with my grandson Alaka'i. He wanted to know where Jesus was on the day after He had died on the cross. I explained to him that because he had carried every single sin in the world he descended into hell to conquer it and that on the third day he would rise from the dead and walk on earth and talk to many of His followers. That seemed to satisfy Alaka'i.

I changed into my sweats to go for a 2 mile walk and Alaka'i decided to join me. He is a great partner to walk with. Not only is he a fast walker but he is interesting to talk to. We walked our miles and Alaka'i decided that he would like me to take him to lunch. So I took him to McDonalds so he could have his chicken McNuggets and apple slices. I was pleasantly surprised that McDonalds offered a apple, walnut, and grape salad with a nonfat yogurt dressing that they serve on the side. So I had that with a water.

When we got home my beautiful grandson and daughter wanted to color Easter Eggs. They are artistic genius!!! I was so impressed with the beautiful eggs that they created. I am hating to crack into those shells and ruin their lovely works of art!!

I am going to definately have both of them take up painting outside so that I will have some more artwork to frame and hang in my home. I think their works of art are just as beautiful.


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