Sunday, April 25, 2010

~Alaka'i My Gift From God~

Today is a beautiful Sunday.  I spent time with my Lord and then I decided that I needed to have some one on one time with my grandson Alaka'i  Kaleikaumaka.  He is 8 years old and he is my most favorite guy in the whole wide world.  His name Alaka'i in Hawaiian means" the one who leads the way." His middle name Kaleikaumaka is even better it means "the child God looks on with love and pride"

He is is the very first grandchild born into the family and he is natural leader and extremely good looking.  I really enjoy the time I spend with him. Last spring Alaka'i accepted Jesus into his heart as his savior and I was the blessed one who got to pray that prayer with him.  It truly was one of the greatest blessings of my life.  Shortly after he accepted Jesus I was going to have surgery for lung cancer.  My grandson laid his little hands on me and prayed that I would be healed and that God would send me home to him.  He told God that He already had GG my mother, who had just died the previous October and He just couldn't have me too.  Alaka'i had his prayer answered and the Lord held that surgeons hand and I was sent home to Alaka'i.  Thanks be to God!

Today he decided that it would be fun if he walked the 2 miles to the Oahu Club with me for his swimming lessons and then we could swim together after he had his lesson. He and I had a blast as we walked to the club.  He was telling me about all his friends at school and how much he liked his field trip to the Zoo last Friday night.  He is going to share the pictures with me after he has them developed.  He taught me all the different ways that I could walk.  I could walk backwards, he seemed to think that would work my legs a little more but you had to watch out cause you could walk into things.

He asked me when I thought Jesus would be coming and I just told him that nobody really knows exactly when Jesus will come again, so we need to keep ready.  He asked me how we could do that and I told him that the best way to keep ready was to read his bible.  Of course then we sang the song.  Oh the B I B L E yes that's the book for me, I standalone on the word of God the B I B L E.  I purchased him The Boys Bible last week and he enjoys the way that it is made for an 8 year old.  It has pictures and even asks questions.  We made a deal that we would read his bible together every day.  Just to make sure that he would be ready for Jesus.

We were finding God all along our walk.  We found Him in the ocean, lagoons,the mountains and the ducks that were sleeping under the umbrella trees.  Alaka'i decided that they had napped long enough and ran down the grassy hill yelling at those ducks as loudly as he could.  He loved that they quacked and scattered as fast as they could to the lagoon to get away from him.  We also realized what a great gift cold water is.  So we stopped at a little store and bought 2 bottles.  We gulped down that refreshing water and poured some over our heads.  Man that was the best tasting water I have ever had. We had about a block to go and Alaka'i was getting so excited to dive in that cool water.  He loves his lessons there and I must say the teachers are very patient.  They make learning how to swim fun and it is really something all children should know how to do when they live on an island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

We finally made it to the Oahu Club and Alaka'i ran over and jumped in the pool and had his lesson.  He is a natural little fish just like his mommy and his grandpa. After his lesson we had fun splashing around for the next couple of hours.  I taught him how to stand on his hands under the water and how to do a kick turn.  I was sorry to see our time there end.  It was such a hot day outside we just had to treat ourselves to a shave ice.  Alaka'i had a rainbow and I had cherry, vanilla and watermelon.  There is nothing like a shave ice on a hot day.  I love the feeling of the sweet ice sliding down my throat.  YUMMY!  I was so happy to have him walk with me and make my Sunday just perfect.  I was even happier that my daughter had dropped of my car so that I didn't have to walk home.

My blessings didn't stop there once we got home, my daughter surprised me with dinner that she had purchased from my favorite Italian restaurant.  I had calamari, clams, muscles and vegetables in a red sauce over pasta and a seafood salad.  It was just the perfect end to a very perfect day.  I just want to Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me bless His name bless His holy name!


Your grandson sounds so cute!Im glad that you have a good relationship with him. The pasta sounds great! It has been a favorite of mine for years. Enjoyed this post keep writing.

Aren't grandchildren the best blessing from the Lord? I am so thankful for my 4 grandkids because they bring such a blessing to my life that I never really noticed when I had my own kids. I love spoiling mine and giving my children a little bit of the frustration they gave me when they tested my patience long ago.

This post made me smile! So far am really enjoying your site!

Oh yes I love my two grand children with all my heart! I love to give back to my children the same way you do yours. I just found out that my son is going to have a sweet little baby girl in early September. I am chomping at the bit. Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments. It is so nice to have some validation.

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